June 7, 2019

It’s the Little Things #48

Happy Friday!  Here are my favorites from the week with you – it might be a quote, a print, what I’m reading, a favorite podcast, a playlist, a recipe, a helpful tip, a cleaning product, or something I added to our home. Basically if it’s something little that I feel is shareable or if it’s something I’d bring up to a friend over coffee or on the phone, I’m probably going to share it with you here. Here’s a link to all of the posts in this series.

Today is the last day of school in our neck of the woods and I am so excited. We have a fun summer planned – a couple classes and activities, lots of downtime, but my favorite is having our kids at home all to myself during the day.

Next week is LAUNDRY WEEK here on the blog and on Instagram – I’ll talk more about it in a blog post on Sunday but stay tuned for a motivating mini-challenge, freebies, a sale, and laundry tips and tricks.

I love my slow cooker and love using it in the summer – here’s a great post with a round-up of healthy summer slow cooker recipes from Real Food Whole Life

via Real Food Whole Life

I’m working on finally getting around to photo albums this summer after having Casey from Miss Freddy organize our photos.  Now that our photos are organized and saved, I am super motivated to keep up with it. This post with 5 helpful iPhone photo tips was really helpful for me – like how to filter by media type – I had no idea!  (Look for a special photo ‘cleaning’ series in September with Casey!)

via Miss Freddy

If you like listening to Podcasts, your kids might like them too!  Here are a couple posts from Blog, She Wrote with Podcast recommendations for curious kids and inquistive teens. A great alternative to screen time!

10 Best Podcasts for Curious Kids via Blog, She Wrote

10 Best Podcasts for Inquisitive Teens via Blog, She Wrote

What have you been enjoying this week? Any little things to share?

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It’s the Little Things