Happy Friday! It’s time for some little things from this week. My hope is that these posts spark a little something with you, give you an idea or solve a problem for you too.  It might be a quote, a print, what I’m reading, a favorite podcast, a playlist, a recipe, a helpful tip, a cleaning product, or something I added to our home. Basically if it’s something little that I feel is shareable or if it’s something I’d bring up to a friend over coffee or on the phone, I’m probably going to share it with you here. Here’s a link to all of the posts in this series. 

Has the weather been warm for you too? We have been utilizing the grill as much as possible these days to keep the heat out of the kitchen. I have been making an effort to use our Instant Pot as well and was so excited to find this winner of a recipe. It is the closest to the traditional baked beans in a can sort of flavor minus the can and added ingredients. You could dial back on the sugar a bit, use coconut sugar in its place or tweak the ingredients to your liking.

via Tastes Better From Scratch

Our daughter has outgrown the dollhouse phase, but had we seen this when she was little, I am sure we would have been putting this on our project list. Leave it to Martha to come up with something so cute!

via Martha Stewart

I am asked quite frequently about just how to go about cleaning a washing machine. To make this task as easy as can be, I added a free printable to my collection to make this task even easier. It includes both top loading and front loading washing machine instructions. Grab the guide here.

via Clean Mama

If you are planning a weekend away and are tired of coming home to crispy plants, this tip does the job of watering while you are away. I am sure we could find a bottle or two in our recycling bin.

via Julie Blanner

The Clean Mama Quarterly Summer Edition has about two weeks left before the Fall Edition comes out on August 1st. Grab it if you’re looking for a simple resource for the summer.

Clean Mama Quarterly : Summer Edition

Have you come across any recipes, tips or inspiration this week that has made your life easier or lighter?