Happy end of 2021! I’m excited to bring you a quick challenge starting on January 3rd to help you give your home quick start on kicking the clutter. We’re going to channel that urge to clean and declutter and put it to use in our homes. Want to join in on the fun?  It’s FREE!

What will you GAIN when you declutter?  Time, less stress, and a calm + cozy home you’re excited to come home to!

Through this challenge, we will be following this free printable – make sure you’re following me on Instagram for behind the scenes progress in our home and for the 5 DAILY PROMPTS of the challenge. The challenge will be here on the blog and on Instagram, you don’t need to follow to join in, but it will be helpful! If you’re on my email list, you’ll get the 5 days emailed to you as links to new blog posts.


  1. Download the free printable Kick the Clutter Challenge here on the FREE PRINTABLES PAGE. Enter your email address (you’ll only need to enter it ONE TIME for lifetime access), and grab the challenge guide.
  2. Follow @CLEANMAMA ON INSTAGRAM – share the challenge with your friends!
  3. Get ready to start on January 3rd! I can’t wait to do this with you!

Coming soon!  If you want MORE decluttering and are looking for a fresh approach to decluttering your home, you’ll want to stay tuned for the WHOLE HOME RESET coming January 10th!  It’s a brand new guide and completely different than anything you’ve see from me (but you can do it right along with the Clean Mama Routine!).