Just 3 Things is back! Here’s the premise – in each video I’ll share 3 things – it might be a homekeeeping or cleaning tip, something that I’m enjoying eating or drinking, or it might be a question/answer from one of you. (Have a question? Send me an email and maybe I’ll use it in the next video 🙂 )


If you haven’t pre-ordered Simply Clean, don’t miss the amazing bonuses and coupons included in the download packet. Go to this post for more info!  And mark your planners for March 12-18 for the 7-Day Simply Clean Kick Start challenge 🙂

It’s hard to find a good felt tip pen that glides on paper and doesn’t bleed through. I’ve been using these Maped Graph pens in my planners and love the super fine point – 0.4mm. I showed them in my planner – you can see my Clean Mama Planner and Clean Mama Menu Planner here.


Need a good wholesome muffin recipe? These Morning Glory Muffins from King Arthur Flour are delicious and good for you too. My kids love them! Double the recipe and throw half in the freezer for breakfasts and lunches. I showed this dough whisk and this huge mixing bowl in the video too.

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