Just Minutes to a More Organized Garage via Clean Mama

Have a garage that’s needing a little attention? Or maybe it’s just me…. This week’s organizing task is to take a couple minutes to organize just one spot in the garage. I’m tackling sports equipment and finding a better way to store the rackets, balls, bats, gloves, and all things fun and sporty and lacking a home. And I’m not going at it alone, I’m getting the little sportsters involved in this organizing task. It’ll be fun and will feel great to have accomplished. Follow these simple steps and organize a spot or two in your garage this week!

  1. Determine which spot you’re going to work on – start small and make sure you can complete the task in a small amount of time.
  2. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and get started.
  3. Completely empty area to be organized and sort into 4 groups – toss, keep, donate, relocate.
  4. Wipe down area with your favorite cleaner or wipes.
  5. Return ‘keep’ items to the formerly disorganized space and put the items away that you are relocating.
  6. Move on to another space if you have more time or feel motivated to continue.

So….why is spending a couple minutes organizing your garage a good thing? And can just a couple minutes really help? If you enter your home through your garage you won’t get that ‘this place is a disaster’ feeling when you enter your home. Adding a little organization to your garage will save you time and make it easier to find all those garage items in a hurry. If 15 minutes doesn’t put a dent in your garage mess, spend 10-15 minutes every day this week and get even more accomplished. Every little bit helps!

What are you organizing in your garage this week?