I love the look of white in my home, from fluffy white towels in the bathroom to a classic white shirt hanging in the closet. White is such a fresh, clean and crisp color that I can’t help but have a lot of it in my home. We have primarily white towels in all our bathrooms to keep laundering and sorting simple and most of our sheets follow suit.

I am often asked how I keep our towels and bedding from looking dingy and less than ideal, so I thought a post was in order. You will note that there is no chlorine bleach involved, just a solid cleaning method and some excellent laundry tips.

Ready to brighten up your whites?

Load Whites in Washer - Clean Mama

1. Wash your whites on HOT with detergent and no fabric softener.

While many people love the scent that softener lends to their laundry, in actuality it is doing more harm than good. The residue from traditional fabric softener leaves behind actually coats the fibers, causing the dirt to adhere and leaving them less than clean. If you like a hint of extra scent, try my DIY laundry booster which uses essential oils instead of artificial scents.

Wash on Hot or Whites Cycle - Clean Mama

2. For towels, add between 1/4 to 1/2 cup of traditional white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser.

Vinegar serves to actually soften the fibers as well as add a little cleaning power to your laundry routine. I like to buy a jug of white distilled vinegar at our Costco. At under $5.00 for an economy sized container, you can’t beat the price. No need to worry about any residual scent from the vinegar either as you won’t be able to detect it on your clean laundry at this dilution rate.

3. If you need a little extra help whitening and brightening, try adding in an oxygen-safe bleach alternative.

Check out my favorite Oxygen Whitener! It adds that whitening effect without using traditional bleach in the process. I also use this on stains or loads of laundry that need some extra cleaning oomph.

If your whites are looking a little more grey than white or if they are feeling less than clean, try out these three tips to clean and brighten your whites! Not only will your towels feel fluffier and whites look brighter, you won’t need any harsh chemicals or artificial scents to get the job done.