August 30, 2013

Kids’ Routine Checklists

Free Kids Routine Checklists - via ABFOL

I’m over at A Bowl Full of Lemons this week with 2 free printable checklists sure to get your routine on track in a hurry. If you’re kids are anything like mine we need to little review of routines and the order for the day. A simple chore chart or routine list helps create a little structure that is helpful in getting them out the door for school, ready for bed, and everything in between. I’m sharing a simple routine checklist with you today that can be used a couple different ways. It’s meant to be used either as a two week checklist or as a morning and evening checklist. The key to this checklist is that it isn’t necessarily a chore chart, but it’s a reminder list. A list like this may yield better results for your littles – no nagging, just check the tasks off the list. Go here to see the whole post and to get the free printables.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend – I’ll be back on Tuesday with some new routines here as well!