This week I’ve shared some ideas and free printables that I use to menu plan:  keeping a list of family favorites and having quick prep items in the freezer , and writing out a weekly menu plan. Once you’ve created your menu plan, it’s time to make a shopping list. (If you need a great shopping list, check out my shop!)   If you have an organized pantry you can also shop that for your weekly meals. {Here’s a little re-run on how I organize my pantry for easy meal planning.}

Here’s an overview of the pantry – yes, I shop at Costco (notice large sizes) and no I don’t use special containers for everything,
Even though it’s a large pantry, I love the side door storage.
I love using crocks for storage around the house – this one works great for potatoes and onions – it creates a dark, dry environment to keep them fresh for longer.
I love these large drawer organizers from Target for storing my baking and cooking supplies – no drips on the shelves and it keeps everything together.
I use smaller drawer organizers for baby food and kid snacks – easy access for everyone.
I use a food storage container to store clips that we use to close up cereal and snack bags.
I keep a pantry inventory checklist {from my Menu Planning Kit} on the door – I attach it with an ornament hanger.
What’s your best pantry organization tip?