There are oodles of ways to add some organization to your kitchen. For me, the most effective way to save time and energy in the kitchen is having zones. Taking a little time to organize like items together is such an effective way to simplify your prep and clean up time. My favorite kitchen zones?

The dishwasher zone – easy access and put-away-ability is the key to this zone. Dish soap, silverware, storage containers, dish towels, and dishes. I can stand in one place to empty and load the dishwasher. Nice and easy.

The baking zone – baking supplies, flour + sugars, stand mixer, spices, cookbook holder all at the ready make a great baking zone.

The coffee zone – having mugs near the coffee pot is a simple and quick fix to create a mini zone in your kitchen.

Do you have zones in your kitchen? What’s your most effective zone? Is there a zone that you could implement today?

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