July 22, 2016

Laundry Made Easier

Laundry Made Easier - Tips to Help you Simplify your Laundry Routine - Clean Mama

You may be hard pressed to find more than a handful of people in life who love to do laundry. While fresh sheets or clean clothes certainly can be rewarding, the actual process of washing, folding and putting away can easily become mundane. Over the years, I have found a handful of tricks that help make the process a bit easier and dare I say more enjoyable. Implement one or all of these suggestions in to your own routine and see how much something seemingly simple can revolutionize the routine.

  1. Cold water is your friend when it comes to washing. I mix lights, brights and darks together. This tip is especially helpful for washing the kids’ clothes – everything goes in together! Make sure to wash and dry new bright or dark garments at least three times with like colors to prevent color bleeding and transfer.
    Laundry Basket - Clean Mama
  2. Use the minimum amount of detergent suggested on the container. Adding more than suggested to get your clothes cleaner will only result in a buildup of detergent which will cause the fibers to actually become dirtier. Save money and make your detergent last a little longer with this simple tip.
  3. Love soft and fluffy towels? Skip the commercial fabric softener and add vinegar to the rinse cycle instead. The chemicals in fabric softener actually coat the towel fibers and create a buildup. This buildup causes the towels to become less absorbent as well as attract dirt and residue – yuck! You can also use wool dryer balls or a laundry booster  to add more fluff as well as a little natural scent.
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  4. Don’t overload your washer in an effort to get the job done quickly or finish that load sooner. While you may save some time, your clothes won’t be as clean and your washer will have to work harder and it’ll probably take longer to dry the load as well.
  5. One laundry routine method may not work for everyone. My preferred method is to do a load of laundry daily with sheets and towels on Saturday. Other people prefer to do a laundry blitz one day a week. Do what works for you and your schedule and stick to it. The key is to find and implement a routine that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
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What laundry tips have you found to be helpful in your home? Do you have a system that has worked wonders in your laundry routine? Share it with us in the comments!

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