It’s LAUNDRY WEEK here on Clean Mama! I have strong feelings about staying on top of the laundry and how that can help or hurt a week and I love talking about all things laundry. So….. let’s have a whole week all about laundry, shall we?

Here’s what’s going on this week ….

  • Follow me on Instagram @cleanmama for a #laundryeverydaychallenge – I’m encouraging you to TRY doing a load of laundry every day for a week.
  • Here’s the challenge: do one load of laundry every day for a week from washer to folded and put away. Post your load of laundry on Instagram with the hashtag #laundryeverydaychallenge and tag me so I can share! Even if you think this sounds crazy, accept the challenge and see what happens in your home – it will surprise you!
  • I’ll be chatting about my favorite laundry products and sharing my *new* Lemon + Clove Laundry Super Powder (it’s SO good!)  BONUS: all laundry products are on sale this week (no coupon code needed) in Clean Mama Home – yay!

  • All the blog posts this week will be laundry-related tips and tricks to help you conquer that laundry pile once and for all.

I hope you join in on the fun!