If you’ve ever wanted to clean and declutter your whole home quickly and easily with me, this is your chance! I’ve created a brand-new course designed to help you work through your entire home room by room quickly and as easily as possible. The Whole Home Reset pdf has been such a favorite that I turned it into a course – I’m so excited to share this with you!

I am bringing this to you this weekend because I know that you might be at home and feeling a little overwhelmed with a new season and routine and this will help! Ready? Let me tell you all about it….

First things first, this is intro-priced at $29 through 9/8 – here’s what that includes:

We’re going to work through our homes together, room by room – deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. I’m going to work through this live with you September 9-16. There will be 6 live Q&A Sessions that coordinate with the 11 modules to keep you on track and motivated all week long. You’ll also find two coupon codes in the course as well – a free month of Homekeeping Society AND a 20% off coupon code to the shop!

Not into Facebook or not able to watch? Everything will be recorded for you in the portal to watch when you can.

Find out more and join the Whole Home Reset Class!