Lists to Make in Your Planner to Increase your Productivity plus a free printables notes page - Clean Mama

I love notebooks, planners, notepads, and just about any form of list-making you can throw at me. I find that I am more productive when I keep a running to do list and from time to time I might have multiple to do lists going at the same time. What’s most important to me is that I’m not just making lists to feel busy or to create something to do. In just about any and every printable product I include a simple and seemingly blank list or notes page and if you notice, you’ll find that in just about any planner out there.

Notes - Clean Mama

Go here to download your FREE notes page!

So what in the world can you do with those notes and blank pages? Create lists that remind you of things, track things, and keep you on task. Here are some of my favorite lists to make on your notes pages and a FREE printable to do list for you too!

Ideas for those Notes pages in your planner - Clean Mama

How about you? What do you keep track of in your planner or notebook? Any ideas to add to this list? Share them in the comments! And if you’re a planner person – stay tuned for a special and different printed and bound planner coming soon! If you like this free printable – check out my FREE PRINTABLE page and my shop!