I’m aiming for a streamlined garden that takes care of itself someday (ha)….here’s what I am working on to get to that point.

creeping thyme for groundcover – I’m hoping that it takes over so we don’t have to mulch – so far, so good.

it’s working – these were from little 2 inch pots 2 years ago – maybe in another year or two
Do you see the hosta and creeping Jenny in this urn? The creeping Jenny will be planted at the end of summer for groundcover somewhere and the hostas will find a lovely spot in my hosta garden in the backyard. We’ve been looking for reasonably priced black urns for 2 summers – found these at Target. I’ll keep them up all year long and I’ll just add seasonal decorations to them – a pumpkin and gourds for fall, pine boughs and big ornaments around Christmastime…..
I’m super excited to have ferns on the front porches – I found these at Home Depot for $7/each and they are doing beautifully!
And my funny bronze swan – this is a new variety of Petunia – Pretty Much Picasso Petunia – can you see the green border on the petals?
Here are a couple ideas I’m filing away for next year….we saw these at a local establishment.
I love the lettuce mixed in with the flowers – isn’t that neat?
How about this moss statue with succulents? I love this idea too.
Any garden tips, ideas, links that you’d like to share?Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!