A great way to “love your home” is to figure out a homekeeping system. If you are struggling in an area in your homekeeping, consider making a binder to keep track of the goings on at your home. Start a cleaning schedule, keep a calendar, jot down things you want to do. I look at it like a little home journal. Nothing too time-consuming, more helpful than anything.
Today I’m going to share my homekeeping binder – it’s a tool that helps me keep it “all” together. Figuring out a system that works for your homekeeping style and your family is where the fun comes in. 
Here’s how I created my homekeeping binder and homekeeping station – hopefully this gives you some ideas….
I have been using a homekeeping binder for years. I just re-did my binder for the new year and it was FUN! I found it at Target – it came with dividers and labels that you can send through the printer. Sweet.

This is my receipt keeper – I punched three holes in it to store it in my binder.

next is my little binder tool pouch

                               calendars, meal planning, budgeting, listmaking, cleaning, blogging

I laminated my daily planner and hole punched it – I write on it with a fine-tipped dry erase marker – saves paper and keeps it easy.

                                                       weekly dockets – hole punched

meal planning
food inventory – super helpful in food storage and grocery shopping
I keep a stack of shopping lists in this plastic envelope
cleaning schedules
huge timesavers – takes the planning out of it – now you just have to do the work
 Here’s my homekeeping station.
Do you keep a binder? What’s your favorite homekeeping binder tool or page?
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