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So Thanksgiving’s a little over a week away. This is about the time that I pull out some cookbooks and recipe binder to pull favorite recipes and make my shopping list. Today I’m going to share some links to some of my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving (in case you need some inspiration). I’m a traditionalist, I love the old stand-bys and sometimes will integrate new recipes, but the basics remain unchanged. Here are some recipes that always work – some are made ahead and others are made the day of Thanksgiving.

Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Apples  (the best stuffing ever)
Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes (from The Best Make-Ahead Recipe Cookbook)


Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy (from The Best Make-Ahead Recipe Cookbook) – I make this the weekend before Thanksgiving with turkey legs (from the freezer section) – it makes awesome hot turkey sandwiches. Then the I freeze the gravy and it’s ready for Thanksgiving. Yummy timesaver and extra meal!

Sweet Potatoes – I just bake sweet potatoes, scoop out inside and add butter, a pinch of salt and brown sugar to taste.
Roast Turkey – I use PW’s My Favorite Turkey Brine recipe
Apple Crumb Top Pie   substitute apples for blueberries – the best apple pie recipe ever.

I make stock with the turkey carcass (not my favorite word) Thanksgiving evening and freeze to use later. My favorite thing about leftover turkey? Pioneer Woman’s Turkey Pot Pie recipe for leftover turkey – I make a couple and freeze them for later.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving recipe – link it up in the comments for everyone to see.