Five nieces, lots of dolls, and the need for cute, inexpensive gifts, necessitated some handmade goodness for Christmas gifts. Using a doll sleeping bag that my mom made me when I was little (that my daughter uses and LOVES), I came up with this pattern and made four fleece sleeping bags with a pillow to match for Christmas gifts. The cost? Less than $4 each – watch for fleece to be on sale at your local fabric store. The cute, great gift factor? Definitely worth the small amount of time it took to make – about 30 minutes each. My kids enjoyed helping with choosing the fabric, cutting out the sleeping bags and pillows and sewing up the gifts. I made a little tutorial printable if you’d like to make it – the directions are general and simple – a great beginner’s sewing project. You can go here to grab a printable for your own gift making pleasure. I’m also thinking it would be great to have a few on hand for birthday party gifts too.
I made this like a little pocket for the doll – no zippers or ties, just a little pocket for the doll to be slipped into.
here are a couple complete with the little pillows
ready for “packaging”
wrapped with a cute ribbon – 4 gifts down