This was a super easy little hostess gift for me to whip up, because I had all the necessary ingredients:
sugar (1/2 cup to 1 cup per jar – depending on jar size)
vanilla beans (1 per jar)
canning jars
cute fabric (not necessary, a cute label or hand-written note is always sweet)
Get ready for the crazy instructions……
pour sugar into clean canning jar
cut vanilla bean(s) in half (Penzeys vanilla extract has a bean in it, so I used that). Most grocery stores carry vanilla beans in the spice section.
with the side of a small knife, scrape out the “seeds” and add that to the sugar along with the bean

put lid on and shake up to distribute vanilla goodness

add some cuteness if you’re giving as a gift or just use it yourself

What would a person use vanilla sugar for? To sweeten coffee or tea, oatmeal, cookies….