Call me crazy, but I love to make lists. I like to sit down and quietly put thoughts on paper. It relaxes me to know that the thing that I was trying to make sure that I remembered is out of my mind and on a piece of paper. I have a “running” shopping list on the side of the refrigerator so when I think of something that we need for the week’s list, it gets jotted down and hopefully I’ll remember the list when I make a trip to the grocery store. The one thing about the shopping list is that it’s really only for one place – the grocery store. And I shop at more than one place. I do some regular Internet shopping, some wholesale club shopping, and I go to some “big box” stores as well. I’m willing to venture a guess that 99.9% of the people that read this blog do the same thing. I wish I could get everything in one place, but I like to venture out for good deals, use coupons, and sometimes buy things in bulk. So I came up with a list that I can attach to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door that has my six most shopped at places – besides the grocery store. This way when I remember or realize that we’re almost out of toilet paper or that I only have one light bulb left, I can jot it down on my list. I added a calendar to my list so I can plan out with the budget when I’ll go to the store or shop online. How do you keep track of the stuff you need from stores you don’t frequent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?