September 23, 2019

Making the Most of Fall – Simple Ideas for Stretching Out the Season

I love Fall. It’s my favorite season. I love back to school, school supplies (former teacher here), the weather, changing leaves, pumpkin everything… What I don’t love? The busyness and hustle that comes with fall. Now that my kids are older they’re more independent but they’re also busier. I had a realization a couple years ago and it pretty much sums up how it works for kids – when they’re little you get to make the schedule and the older they get, you abide by someone else’s schedule (ie: the school, sports, what kids want to do, etc,).

As someone that is trying to be super intentional with everything in life right now, I have found that by concentrating on life in seasons – both seasons of what the kids are into and what the actual season is has been really helpful. I guess what I’m saying is that I am trying to slow down time and the days and weeks. I’ve found that when I look at it in a seasonal approach it not only helps me approach busyness with gratitude and it also helps me to lessen the hurry and frantic feeling.

Here’s my Fall Musts List and how we’re approaching this upcoming season:

  1. Get up early. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I get up ridiculously early. I love that morning quiet time. If a little quiet time in the morning would be helpful for you, check out this post with some tips.
  2. Move every day. Whether its a walk in the evening or a full workout or run in the morning, we all feel better when we are moving. Just standing more than sitting during the day is helpful.
  3. Play music. Background music is soothing and calming and a great addition to an ordinary day. Here’s my Autumn Playlist – it’s pretty great.
  4. Take it out, put it away. So simple, but so necessary. We don’t have time for things to be out of order – staying on top of it is key for us or it truly does fall apart.
  5. Write it down. Everything goes on the calendar or in my planner OR both!  If you’re looking for a fresh approach to a planner, pre-order the Homekeeping Planner (the sale on the pre-orders ends tomorrow). Need a calendar to see October, November, and December at a glance, grab this free printable.
  6. Make time for fun. You don’t need a big bucket list for fall fun, just be intentional about a couple activities that signal fall fun for your family. Here are our fall fun musts: Apple orchard (we have a great one nearby and have already picked but will go back multiple times to pick up apples too, go to a pumpkin patch, make applesauce, fall drive to look at leaves, take family pictures, pop mums in the planters outside, and decorate the mantle.
  7. Add a little aromatherapy. I love diffusing essential oils in the fall. Here are my favorite fall scent combinations.

I have been working on something really exciting that I’ll share with you in the coming months. A hint? It’s seasonal and completely different from anything I’ve ever done before but I think you’ll love it. Stay tuned – make sure you’re getting my emails so you don’t miss it!

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