I’m so excited for March!  This month I want you to find the best path for you and your home – come see what’s in store for the month!  It’s a mix of cleaning routine-ing, spring cleaning, and decluttering! I can’t wait to see how your home is transformed! Come see what’s coming up…..
The Clean Mama Routine Interactive Superguide launched this past week – it’s a fresh, new way to do the Clean Mama Routine – check it out here.

If you’re signed up for the Newsletter, you’ll automatically get the emails for the FREE Spring Cleaning Challenge – it’s starts on March 4th!  We’ll follow a free printable checklist and the info will also be here on the site. Don’t miss it!  If you don’t get Clean Mama emails, sign up here!  Go here to see the posts.

The 5 Day Home Refresh is OPEN  until 3/18. This is a fun 5 day event where you choose what area in your home you work on and we work together to declutter for just 5 days. Join us here!

Need to stock up on your favorite Clean Mama products for Spring Cleaning? Or want to join Homekeeping Society? This is a great month to join and get started!

Want more spring cleaning tips, tricks and checklists? The Spring Cleaning Guide pdf is in the shop here – get it FREE if you spend $50+ in the shop – March only!

Quarterly Clutter Club opens back up on March 15th – we start April 1st – join us here!