I was asked to share a Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot Closet System makeover on my blog and while our master bedroom closet system was fine, you can bet I agreed to install a Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot Closet System!

Martha Stewart logo

The process started with measuring out the closet and inputting the dimensions into MarthaStewartClosets.com. There are three colors to choose from – Classic White, Espresso, and Wild Cherry. I chose Espresso and ‘built’ the closet in the closet design system. I love all the extras and add-ons that are available – hampers, belt and tie racks, sliding wardrobe rods, shoe shelves. The closet design system was so easy (and fun!) to use.

Martha Stewart for The Home Depot Closet - Clean Mama

This is one of the 3 walls in our master bedroom closet that I designed.

The process is simple. Design your space, order it online or pick it up at your local Home Depot. The installation definitely requires quite a bit of time, a trusty level, and power tools, but the quality of products is great and the instructions are thorough and easy to follow. (I did have professional help with the installation and makeover.)

Here’s a before picture of our master bedroom closet – nice, but the wire shelving wasn’t working well with the large space, so there was a lot of wasted space.

Master Bedroom Closet Before via Clean Mama

The first step was to completely clear the closet and remove the wire shelving. I also wanted a fresh coat of paint on the walls too. I went with a lighter shade of the master bedroom and bathroom color and we added a new light fixture.

During Master Bedroom Closet - via Clean Mama

Here’s the completed closet system from left to right around the closet…..

Master Bedroom Closet After 1  via Clean Mama

Master Bedroom Closet After 2 via Clean Mama

Master Bedroom Closet After 2  via Clean Mama

Once everything was installed and in place it was time to organize the space and put everything away. We are still working on getting the space just how we want it but it’s working great so far. I can’t believe how nice it is to have drawers in a closet system – it definitely helps to keep it all organized. Here are a couple more pictures showing how everything fit back together.

Master Bedroom Closet After via Clean Mama

Closet System Drawers via Clean Mama

The hampers are my favorite feature via Clean Mama

Master Bedroom Closet Final via Clean Mama

Master Bedroom Closet Final 2 via Clean Mama

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom Closet Makeover via Clean Mama

  • Want a little more inspiration? Take a peek at this gallery on MarthaStewart.com – it shows 4 ways to use the MSL Closet system.
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  • Disclosure:  This product was provided by Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot. I only promote products that I love and use – all opinions (as always) are my own. Read my full disclosure here.