When meal planning, I find it easier to have a schedule of themes to follow and then plug recipes in accordingly. That way I’m not wasting time going through my recipe binder and cookbooks to find a chicken recipe – I just organize by days of the week and plug in a recipe to the theme of each day. Today we’re going to meal(brain)storm ideas so you have some themes in mind when we work out our meal planning calendar and system next week. I made a little printable for you (go here to grab one) to use – I filled in common themes and themes that have worked well for me to get you started.
Check the ideas that you like, add your own and you’ve got a little list that we’ll use with the Family Dinner Favorites list to plan our meals.

Tomorrow we’ll be using this list to come up with your first two week rotation of themes for meal planning – yeah!

If you’d like to, leave your ideas for themes in the comments…..