Meal prepping is a huge time saver in the kitchen and at meal times. I prep meal components more than entire meals, but last week as I was prepping dinner, a tip came to mind and I thought you might find it helpful too.

Typically, I use serving dishes for sides when making tacos, burrito bowls, soups and stews. Then when the meal is done, we put the leftovers into glass storage containers, stack it all up and put it in the fridge for leftovers or lunches.

Meal Prep Tip: Instead of transferring meal components back and forth, use storage containers for the serving containers and save dishes and multiple steps!

To illustrate how this works, I made one of our favorites last week – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe’s Fish Tacos. As I prepped the components, I put them into glass storage containers. Then when we were all done for the evening, I just put the lids on the containers and put everything in the fridge. No transferring to different containers, no washing out multiple containers. Just one simple step. Then the next day I pulled the items out for leftovers and everything was ready. I just put out serving spoons, heated up the tilapia and it was ready to go. You can see all my favorite glass storage containers here in my Amazon shop under Kitchen Favorites and Meal Prep

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