Welcome to the 16th week of Messy Monday – a day where I show you what we’ve been up to in the kid department at the Clean Mama house. Anyone try the veterinarian theme last week? I’d love to hear how it went in your house. If you haven’t grabbed a Messy Monday theme sheet for the summer, check out the Freebie section on my sidebar and snag one.

This week, the theme is Flower Stand so we’re talking about all things flowers. Fun!
We started by checking out some flower books at the library. They were available to the kids all week long. We browsed together, separately and used them to inspire some projects.
We really liked this one.

This one was great for illustrating the transformation of seed to sprout to flower.
We chose some key vocabulary words and I wrote them down on our site word/vocab cards.
We played a game to sort them into categories.
We made seed packets to “sell” at our flower stand. Super simple – we used this book:
I cut paper down to the approximate size of seed packets.
We used pencils and colored pencils to illustrate the flowers on the seed packets. My oldest wrote the name of the flower at the top and illustrated the flower that was in the seed packet.
We set up a simple flower stand with our seed packets, glass jars and different simple shape flowers that we made with pipe cleaners and colored cardstock. We used these flowers and jars for sorting games, practiced buying and selling, and arranging for “customers”.
We concentrated on sunflowers for our art project – it was fun to be able to use the seeds to play counting games and shell and eat the seeds on the inside. When we were done making our art project, we planted some sunflower seeds in our garden.
Here are the supplies that we gathered for our project – thick paper, paintbrushes, watercolors, crayons, glue and sunflower seeds.
We’re going to make a crayon watercolor resist painting of a sunflower garden.

Here’s how we got started – I drew along with the kids to help demonstrate each step – I am using my drawing as the example to show you.

Draw the sunflower stems – with green crayons.

Draw the leaves (sunflower leaves heart shaped).

Draw circles for the center of the sunflowers.

Draw the petals.

Using your watercolors, paint in the leaves, petals, and centers of the sunflowers.

Paint the grass and sky.

Allow to dry completely – while it was drying, we played some counting games with the seeds and sampled the yummy seeds.
Glue sunflower seeds on the center of the sunflowers.

Mount on some orange construction paper and it’s a sunflower masterpiece!

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