Today’s Messy Monday is all about ICE CREAM! This week we’re doing all things ice cream – playing with our ice cream shop, drawing ice cream pictures, reading ice cream books and doing math and reading that’s ice cream-related. To get in the “mood” for the ice cream week (that takes about 2 seconds at my house – we love ice cream) we’re going to make ice cream. I was inspired by an ice cream recipe in this awesome cookbook:
This is such a fun individual serving recipe to make with kids – here’s what we did:
gather supplies – stockpot, covered glass jars
gather ingredients – cream, powdered sugar, salt, and lots of ice
gather flavorings of your choice – we used mint, vanilla and chocolate  you can use jam, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce….
*everyone can make their own flavor of ice cream*

combine 2-3 tablespoons of COLD cream, 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar and a small amount of flavorings of your choice in each jar and stir – add lid

put the ice in the stockpot and add 1 CUP of salt – stir

position the jars in the ice/salt so that the jars are surrounded 
cover the stockpot and set a timer for 10 minutes 
carefully stir each jar and repeat every 10 minutes until you see this: 
About 30 minutes to make ice cream and it’s so FUN!

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