This week’s Messy Monday theme is Travel and Suitcases. We’re doing the usual activities: library books, writing out sight words, and immersing ourselves in all things travel. Keeping it simple, we’re making passports and mini suitcases and taking little mini imaginary trips to places my preschooler wants to see. I asked her where she wanted to go first, she said China. So we looked at books about China and did a Google image search on the computer about China. Then we stamped our passport and went to our next destination, New York.
For the passports, I just folded some plain white paper and put a blue cover on it. The first page is the identification page and each page after that is for stamping destinations. We are using miscellaneous crafting stamps that I already have to stamp at the “airport” and “customs”,
Here’s how we assembled our passports:

folded construction paper over white paper
stapled binding
made a fill in the blank passport sheet for the kids to fill in
and a pseudo-cover for the passports
Here’s how we are making simple suitcases for all our travels:
fold a piece of construction paper in half
cut out two handles and glue them on the inside of the suitcase
cut out simple shapes
“trace” with fancy scissors to make travel stamps
glue travel stamps on the suitcase
My preschooler will be writing the names of the places we’re going to this week on the stamps and collecting souvenirs (printed pictures from the Internet)  from different places that we’ve traveled to in her suitcase. A kid stay-cation. Not too messy, but fun and educational.
I’m linking this to some great parties.
Where are you going this week?