It’s Circus Week in our house, we’re not going to the big top, but we made a cute little circus tent   and finger puppets that I’m going to share with you. This was a joint project from start to finish – both kids worked on the same tent with me and then we made little finger puppets together.

scissors and/or X-acto knife
glue (hot glue + Elmer’s Glue All)
construction paper

start by cutting a large piece of cardboard for the circus tent – I used a box with sides that I used to make the tent stand up – I disassembled the box and cut off the top

using a scissors and/or an X-acto knife, cut the top of the box like a circus tent

using an X-acto knife or scissors, cut a doorway/finger puppet stage in the middle of the tent
Paint the tent red – we used acrylic and did one coat with pretty good coverage
We painted both sides of the box red and then painted white stripes on the front like a circus tent
Once all the paint was dry, we put the box back together with the glue gun (I added black construction paper to the bottom)
While we waited for the paint to dry, we made some fun little finger puppets from construction paper and markers:
Make simple shape animal and clown heads

Add some details with markers

Glue little paper rings on the back of the heads to make finger puppets

Have fun under the big top!

I am submitting this to the CSI project: