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Today’s post is for all of the moms of kids that like to dig and search for “treasures”. This is a great idea for a rainy day when you can’t get outside to do the digging. Let’s make play clay look like dirt and hide plastic dinosaurs and animals in it and “search/find” them just like archeologists and paleontologists. Sound like fun? Maybe not for you, but your little diggers will love it!

Here are a couple fun web sites for researching purposes (with your kids) if you are interested:
Paleo Explorer Kids!

Make this play clay recipe – for color, do what your food coloring directions say will make brown.
    Mix in about a tablespoon of wet coffee grounds from the coffee pot – sounds gross, it’s worth it.
      Place small plastic animals in the play clay and fold it over on itself to “bury” the animals.

        Dig with any tools that you have that will successfully uncover the “bones”/animals
          Fun, right?
          I’d love to hear your “requests” for Messy Monday in the comments section….

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