I’ve been dreaming of reworking our mudroom for a couple years.  As the kids have grown, the simple bench and hooks weren’t cutting it for organizing this space with their larger shoes, coats, and gear. I fully realize how special it is to have a mudroom and felt badly for saying it doesn’t work, but when my husband said, ‘We have to do something about this space’, I knew I wasn’t the only one with this sentiment. I started boards to save inspiration and quickly came to the realization that the layout we had was probably what would have to work so it came down to some simple re-configuring and re-working the space.

Fortunately, we have someone that does carpentry and other construction jobs for us, so we went back and forth and decided to re-use our bench and hooks – two things I loved about the space. Then he came up with a plan for overhead storage, he moved the light switch and outlet, and we chose a sink that could be used as a built-in. He built the cabinet on the base and spray-painted the sink and hardware to match the cabinet.

We used the same paint that we use for trim throughout the house. It’s a standard semi-gloss white trim paint with a drop of black. This was all installed, kick plates and a vent were added to give it that built-in look and feel and then once it was all caulked in place, it was complete. We had the trim and room re-painted to to freshen everything up and that’s the story of a simple multi-purpose mudroom.

Here’s how the mudroom looks from the stairway – the far door goes out to the garage:

I love baskets for organizing – the top three baskets are for gloves, hats, etc. and the bottom three are for the three kids’ shoes. Everything always goes from left to right/ oldest to youngest.


It’s funny (not funny), we had this installed during quarantine and because no one was going anywhere it looked like this most of the time. Now that we’re gearing up for back to school, it looks a little more like this:

This post details our how we’re going Back to School During a Pandemic. It details everything from taking shoes off at the door to what vitamins we’re taking – check it out!

We keep the dogs’ food and water dishes in here and on the opposite wall is my Cleaning Closet – we keep cleaning supplies, floor cleaning tools, batteries, lightbulbs, and a few shoes stored in this space.

Here’s a peek at my Cleaning Closet (to the left of those dog bowls) look for a post next week detailing this space!

Mud Room Sources

Of course I have sources and details for you on this space – I hope you find them helpful!


The paint is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter – my favorite go-with-everything neutral. You can see the paint colors in our entire home in this post.




all-in-one sink cabinet

sisal rug – shown is the runner


dog bowls

tray for under dog bowls

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