My favorite supplies for spring cleaning are simple and effective and probably cleaning supplies that you have on hand. Put them together in a bucket or caddy to use for spring cleaning and you’ll have your must-have supplies for spring cleaning. Putting everything together in a caddy will help you save time and get motivated for doing a little (or a lot of) spring cleaning.

Favorite Supplies for Spring Cleaning

  1. duster – a duster is great for quick dusting and hard to reach areas
  2. sponge – perfect for scrubbing and getting into small areas and scrubbing tough to clean areas
  3. dish soap – mix dish soap with warm water to wipe surfaces
  4. rubbing alcohol – great for cleaning high touch areas like switches and door knobs
  5. all-purpose spray – mix up a DIY cleaner or use your favorite all-purpose spray
  6. cleaning cloths – quality cleaning cloths make all the difference in your cleaning
  7. Oxygen Whitener – a cleaning and laundry powerhouse, this is great for scrubbing, carpet cleaning, and so much more
  8. castile soap – use castile soap like an all-purpose concentrate for your cleaning
  9. baking soda – use to freshen, deodorize, and scrub
  10. scrub brushesscrub those neglected spots back to clean
  11. squeegee – a squeegee makes all the difference in window cleaning
  12. white vinegar – use to break down mineral deposits and to clean surfaces
  13. bucket – use a bucket or a caddy to keep all your supplies in, keep it handy for when you’re ready to spring clean!



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