After years of making lists and trying planners, I set out a couple years ago to make a daily planner that works the way I work and thinks the way I think.  If you are a ‘planner person’, you might say that your planner is your brain.  On super busy days, that’s how I feel about my planner.

Here’s a little peek into how I use it for daily planning….

I start with the TOP 3 TASKS and frame my day around that. These are the three things that I need to get done. It might be work related, family related, or home related – these are the must-dos.

  • I use a little color coding for the kids’ activities.
  • I separate work and home. By keeping these two things separate, I find that I get more done in each category per day.
  • I keep receipts, stamps, stickers, and notes in the back pocket so they’re handy.

Want to skip straight to the shop?  Here are my planners in Clean Mama Home.

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: On days where I have a lot going on or I feel overwhelmed, or in preparation for the weekend/week ahead, I’ll do a little brain dump and write down all the things that are swirling around in my head. Then I prioritize them and put them into the next day. If they’re on paper and one of my TOP 3, I know I’ll get them done.

You can find the Clean Mama DAILY Planner and my other planners in Clean Mama Home!  Want more info?  Go to this post for more info on all the planners. I also have a video on YouTube here.