I love to use marinades in cooking. Especially when I cook chicken – a marinade can add that little extra zip that takes a recipe from bland to delicious. Here’s how I (I is used loosely, because I’m not the griller in the family) cook up a mess of grilled chicken in the summer time.
I start with chicken tenderloins – cheaper than chicken breasts, smaller (cook faster), great size for kids, and in my opinion, they are tastier. This is the kind that I buy from Costco – no hormones and they freeze beautifully because they come packaged for the freezer.
Then I mix up a fresh herb marinade and let it sit for a few hours in the fridge. This is my recipe – marinades aren’t that hard, but finding one with just the right combination of oil/acid/seasoning can be difficult. I think that mine fits the bill – try it and see what you think.
 lemon juice, pepper, salt, cooking sherry olive oil, garlic cloves
fresh herbs – sage, thyme, dill, basil, oregano
mix all the ingredients together
 pour it over the chicken
The bowl of chicken goes to the griller in the family and I’m done for the evening – except for a few sides of course.