June 19, 2012

New Busy Mama Kit

It’s tough being a mom – this kit is for all the busy mamas out there in need of a few great lists to keep it ‘all’ together.
The New Busy Mama Kit has NINETEEN documents that will keep your homekeeping manageable and on-track. The kit is designed in new, fun fonts with the signature Clean Mama aqua and lime color scheme. All the pdfs work well together or separately to keep your home tidy and organized.
(The New Busy Mama Kit works beautifully with The New Cleaning Kit and The New Menu Planning Kit.)

The ALL NEW Busy Mama Kit includes:

*Today – a daily planner with a schedule, mini to do list, notes section and dinner box
*Flexible Weekly Docket – cute checkboxes with don’t forget, calls and emails section
*Schedule for the Week – track your day and week in half hour increments 6am-midnight
*Perpetual Calendars (2) – aqua and lime
*Household Food Inventory – keep track of the food in your house
*Shopping List – 2 checkboxes per item (coupons, quantities, or in your cart)
*All Over, Everywhere Shopping List – perfect for those multiple errand shopping trips
*Monthly Cleaning Checklist – blank month and blank sections so you can fill in your own rotating cleaning tasks
*To Do List – three columns so you can fill in you to dos
*Before I Forget – never forget a milestone again – just keep a running list
*In Case of an Emergency – write down simple emergency information and have it in a handy spot, just in case
*Weekly Family Schedule – never forget a class or play date
*Card + Gift Record – keep track of cards and gifts sent
*Important Dates to Remember – never forget an anniversary or birthday again
*Appliance Maintenance Log – a great way to keep track of when you serviced or fixed your appliances
*Automobile Maintenance Log – no more oil changes at 8,000 miles – keep track!
*Insurance Policies – write down all your insurance policies so you never let a premium lapse
*Family Medical Information – keep your family’s medical information on one page

I always feel bad updating items knowing that people ‘just bought’ the other busy mama kit last week or last month or six months ago, so it’s half price through Thursday, June 21st (if you just purchased the Busy Mama Kit or Starter Kit within a week or so, email me and I’ll send you the new one).  Grab it now before the price goes up. It’s perfect to get your summer routine whipped into shape!

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