It’s in the shop! The New and Improved Cleaning Kitthrough today (until 10pm CST) the New Cleaning Kit is 50% off.  I also have a Facebook special going on through tonight too that you might want to check out.
Here’s the New Cleaning Kit….
5 documents
Weekly + Monthly Cleaning Checklists
The Weekly Cleaning Checklist – checklist for chores for the week and a daily chore checklist. The Weekly Cleaning List is for one month (5 weeks).
The Monthly Cleaning List includes 12 sections – one for each month – you fill in the month so it can be started any month of the year. Each month has 8 rotating tasks with check boxes and one blank line with a check box for something that may need to be done in your home. There is also a section at the bottom where you can add any other home tasks. The Monthly Cleaning List is for one year.
Once-a-Week Cleaning Checklist
Perfect for anyone that only has time to clean once a week (or month) this is a great little tracker for cleaning your entire home in a day – 12 chores and 6 spaces to add your own for each week (5 weeks on the sheet).
Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist
17 deep cleaning tasks + 10 spaces to add your own deep cleaning tasks. 4 spaces for the dates each task was completed. Track your seasonal cleaning.
Blank Cleaning Checklist
Fill in your own household cleaning tasks – blank checklists include daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annually task spaces with cute little check boxes.
Also, The Starter Kit includes the New Cleaning Kit, so the Starter Kit has gone from 32 to 35 documents and is still the same price.