I’m so excited to share my latest kit with you – it’s a Chore Chart Kit! It’s something that I have been working on for months and it’s finally complete. I’ve been trying out different ideas and methods and came up with something that’s pretty neat. Check it out:
The Chore Chart Kit is a complete, interactive chore chart system with 22 documents – perfect for different ages and developmental stages. There are 6 DIFFERENT chore charts, each different chart comes with 3 color choices (black + white, pink/grape/lime, and blue/tangerine/lime) for the ever-changing chore chart officianado.
a new design of my ‘Just One Thing’ chart – perfect for reinforcing that just one thing (potty training, picking up clothes…)
here it is laminated with a potty icon stuck on using double stick velcro – use a dry erase marker and use it over and over with different icons!
standard chore charts with days of the week at the top (see the three colors that you get?)
‘Chores for the Door’ – I came up with this idea and it works GREAT in the kids’ bedrooms! 4 different versions – in three colors (black+white, pink/grape/aqua, blue/lime/tangerine)  of the ‘Chores for the Door’ are included
Here’s a closer look at the four versions of the ‘Chores for the Door’ Charts
laminated and trimmed – ready for the chores
and a completed version – laminated – I used velcro to stick the icons to the circles – my kids LOVE them!
Check out the cute icons I created just for this kit!
I have hand-drawn chore chart icons to coordinate with the chore charts and to make them fun and functional. Each icon comes with a cute dashed circle around it and comes in 5 colors pink, grape, blue, lime, and black. The icons come with and without descriptions underneath – backpack, make bed, potty…)
(Jessica Weible Illustration computer-rendered my chore chart icon drawings.)
There are 6 Chore Charts Included:
  • 4 different ‘Chores for the Door’ (copyright 2012) – 2 to a page – great for children to track what needs to be done before they leave their room in the morning, go to school, or at the end of the day. The 4 charts are: 6 blanks, 3 blanks, 6 blanks with a column for morning and a column for night, and 3 blank circles with 8 boxes for each circle to check off progress
  • ‘Just One Thing Chart’ – for “that one thing” that a child needs to work on – potty reinforcement, picking up a room, eating all their fruits and veggies, showing kind behavior…. The top has a cute blank circle so you or your child can fill in a specific task or behavior to be working on.
  • Weekly Chore Chart – 3 cute blank circles to add your chores – Sunday-Saturday at the top.
The Chore Chart Kit is a DIY item – there are many ways to create the perfect chore chart that functions beautifully for your child/ren. PRINT, CUT, CHART! I recommend printing on cardstock – white or a fun, bright color. Laminating is a great way to make the charts last, use a dry erase marker to chart progress. You can use stick-on velcro or stick-on magnets to make these charts interactive.