I told my kids that this is the summer of responsibility. After a year of being home more and then suddenly not being home more, I feel like some of those habits we were getting better at are starting to slide. Summer is the perfect time for getting in the habit of making our beds in the morning, learning how to do laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and keeping our bedrooms tidy. In the process of coming up with a chart or two for my own kids, I thought you might need a chart too. That’s how the Responsible Kid Kit came to be and it’s ready for you and your kids too! AND it’s intro-priced at $10 (regular price is $14) through June 12th.

I’m most excited about the illustrated charts – How to Clean Your Bedroom, How to Clean a Bathroom, and the Clean Mama Routine for Kids. They’re darling and perfect for laminating and putting in a cleaning caddy or on a clipboard. You’ll also find that the charts are fillable so you can type in your own tasks perfect for your child(ren). Come see what the Responsible Kid Kit is all about…..

End the overwhelm and take the guesswork for kids (and parents) out of taking on simple responsibilities at home. ✨

Build habits, not clean rooms. Think about little habits that your kids can work on over time and build on. These little habits will lead to clean rooms – eventually. If you concentrate on the clean room, you’re missing out on the little habits. I love to include my kids in cleaning – not only does it teach responsibility but teaches them great life skills. Through this kit you’ll find recommendations and suggestions for taking on responsibilities for kids of all ages. Only you know what works best for your home and child(ren).

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Here’s what’s included in this 21-page fillable + printable PDF document:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Chores + Responsibilities for School-Aged Children
  • Chores + Responsibilities for Preschool Children
  • Preschool Aged Responsibility Chart
  • 3 Blank Responsibility Charts
  • Daily Checklist
  • Blank Daily Checklist
  • Now What Activities
  • Kids’ Cleaning Kit
  • DIY Cleaning Recipes for Kids
  • How to Clean a Bathroom (with easy-to-follow illustrations!)
  • How to Clean Your Bedroom (with easy-to-follow illustrations!)
  • Preschool Ages Daily Tasks (with easy-to-follow illustrations!)
  • The Clean Mama Routine (just for kids!)

Get started today!  Grab Clean Mama’s Responsible Kid Kit today!