You guys have been asking for this for a couple years and I am happy to be able bring it to you: an Interactive 2021 Homekeeping Planner!  It’s intro-priced through 11/10/20 at $19.99 marked down from $29.99 – grab it today!

The Interactive Homekeeping Planner is a digital interactive PDF that features monthly and reference tabs so filtering through months as the year goes on becomes easier than ever. Works great with iPad + Apple Pencil and a PDF markup app like GoodNotes. Why would you want to use an interactive/digital planner? Some people prefer being able to work digitally – I have an interactive option in Homekeeping Society and members love it! If you live outside of the US, you might find shipping of a paper planner to be cost prohibitive – this is a great option for you! Maybe you want to try both and see what works best for you? This is a great way to do that, especially at the intro price.

Go from overwhelmed and frazzled to calm and controlled. When so much feels out of control, the Homekeeping Planner® and the Clean Mama Routine will help you put a plan in place for your days. The Clean Mama Routine is a simple system that helps you keep your home clean and guest ready in minutes a day. You’ll find the gentle reminders throughout the Homekeeping Planner® to guide you.


  • 107-page PDF – horizontal orientation
  • Table of Contents for quick reference
  • 2021-2022 Overview Calendars with Notes
  • Dated: January – December 2021 ✨
  • The Clean Mama Routine Quick Start Guide with Interactive Hyperlinks

  • Monthly Calendars – dated January – December 2021

  • Clean Mama Routine: Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, Monthly Focus – all integrated in each month

  • EACH MONTH INCLUDES: Monthly Cover Page with Top 3 Goals, Monthly Calendar, Monthly Focus + Rotating Tasks Page with Dates to Remember and Goals for the Month, Dated Monthly Calendar, Dated Weekly Planner Pages

  • Digital Sticker Page

The Interactive 2021 Homekeeping Planner will be delivered to you via pdf attachment to the email you have on your order as well as available on your order confirmation page.

This can be printed as a PDF but the tabs are present on each page and it needs to be printed in horizontal mode.

Grab your Interactive 2021 Homekeeping Planner today!  It’s intro-priced through 11/10/20 at $19.99 marked down from $29.99 – grab it today!

Prefer a paper or undated planner?  HEAD HERE. If you are interested in the Citrus cover, there are double digits left – grab one before they’re gone!