You’ve been asking for this for YEARS and I am so excited to share it with you…..
The Whole Home Reset!

A system to use when you and your house need a fresh start. ✨

The Whole Home Reset is your guide to going through the entire home in a short amount of time. Once you have it reset, you can maintain it with the Clean Mama Routine.

Everyone needs a fresh start from time to time. If you’ve been doing the Clean Mama Routine for years or a few weeks, you know that there are specific tasks we do throughout the year (Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, Monthly Focus). These tasks keep our homes clean most of the time! We also know that real life brings messes and clutter. The Whole Home Reset is the system that I use when I need to do a reset in the house. I’m so excited to share this method with you!

Grab the Whole Home Reset and get started today!

My favorite way to complete this is quickly and over the course of a week with the Clean Mama Routine. I choose a week when the kids are at school and start as soon as I get home from drop offs, do the Clean Mama Routine and then block off an hour or so after I’ve completed the Routine to do the Whole Home Reset. Maybe all you need is a weekend? A couple afternoons? Fifteen minutes a day for the next month? Set aside the time and block it off.

This is DIFFERENT from any PDF in my shop or any of my books – it’s designed to give you a do-able plan to get your home clean and organized in a hurry. Harness your motivation (or find it), print out the pdf and get started today!  The Whole Home Reset has a complete plan for getting your home clean, decluttered, and organized. Follow it to a ’T’ or use the included suggestions for modifications. At the end you’ll find a Mini Home Reset to use to give your home a quick reset anytime as well as The One Bag Quick Declutter Checklist, perfect for maintaining that clutter-free feeling all year long!

Get ready, carve out some time over a couple of days or a week and give your house a Whole Home Reset!

Here’s what’s included in this 29-page fillable + printable PDF document:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instructions + Supplies
  • Favorite DIY Recipe
  • Needs List
  • To-Do List
  • How Many Should I Keep? Lists
  • Kitchen Deep Clean
  • Kitchen Organize + Declutter
  • Bathroom Deep Clean
  • Bathroom Organize + Declutter
  • Bedroom Deep Clean
  • Bedroom Organize + Declutter
  • Closet Deep Clean + Organize
  • Entryway/Mudroom Deep Clean + Organize
  • Laundry Room Deep Clean + Organize
  • Living Area Deep Clean + Organize
  • Garage/Basement Deep Clean + Organize
  • Mini Home Reset
  • The One Bag Quick Declutter Checklist
  • Keep + Toss Labels
  • Donate + Relocate Labels

Ready to get started? Grab the Whole Home Reset today at the intro-price of $12!
Intro-pricing ends on 1/15/2022