Introducing . . . . . Multi-Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder!

Yesterday I shared the new Multi-Surface Cleaning Concentrate with you and today I have another new product – Multi-Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder! I have 3 new products to share with you this week and some new bundles too. I’m so excited to share them with you and for you to use them in your home. 

What’s new? Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Multi-Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder, a refillable Glass Laundry Detergent Spray Bottle, Bundles with the new products, AND the whole shop is updated.  Here’s a link to all the new products for you – come see!

What is the Multi-Surface Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder? For some cleaning, you need the scrubbing power of a powder. This multi-purpose powder can scrub, clean, and freshen – its a powerhouse for cleaning your home.

In the past, the only way to get this mixture was to use my recipe. Until today! The ALL NEW Multi-Purpose Powder is now available in the shop with the clean, fresh scent of Lemon & Clove.

Use the Multi-Purpose Powder for many household tasks like refreshing your carpets, scrubbing tubs, to deodorize trash cans, and as your Nightly Sink Scrub as part of your Daily Tasks. You’ll love the convenience of the shaker top and the super-fine powder all mixed up and ready for you to use.

Order your Multi-Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder today!  Come see what’s new and use the coupon code COMESEE for 15% off your entire purchase.