Modern Day Homekeeping - Keep Up With Your Home in the Midst of Everyday Life via Clean Mama

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple new (and exciting) products for my shop – doing a little re-focus, simplifying product lines and adding something completely different. One of the new products is all about homekeeping. For me, homekeeping is a favorite topic and activity for me. I absolutely love the process of cleaning and organizing and managing a home. I know that not everyone loves/likes it as much as I do (or at all) and so I’ve developed a series that will guide you through the process of homekeeping in the midst of everyday life. Sounds like what you need? I hear from so, so many of you about how much you struggle to get it ‘all’ done. I never have it all done but there are some tricks and ideas that I use to simplify the process and I know that you’ll just love them!

If you’re a mom (or not), if you work in your home or outside your home, have one kid or twelve, I have real, practical ideas for keeping your home tidy, getting food on the table, and most importantly, having time to savor and enjoy your family and the things you really want to accomplish. I’m so excited to experience this series with you as you discover how easy it can be to keep up with the everyday stuff in the midst of a busy life. Stay tuned – the series will launch with the new product in the shop and we’ll go from there. Excited? Me too! (Just so you know….I’m not a fan of teaser posts but I thought that this series needed a little preface so you could get your heart ready to do a little homekeeping.)  Wednesdays will be the day of this series on Clean Mama – I’m expecting it to last (at least) through the summer.

Have an area of homekeeping that you struggle with? Leave a comment! I’d love to be able to tailor this series to what you REALLY need!

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