Simplify the Season via Clean Mama

Happy November! I can’t believe it’s November already, can you? If turning that page on your calendar sends your heart rate up as you think of all the things that need to be accomplished between now and Thanksgiving and Christmas, relax. I’ve got a great series coming up that will take us through the end of 2013 with ease and less chaos than usual. I’m determined to keep it simple, plan ahead, and truly enjoy the season. If you want to remember the holidays this year instead of watching them blur by, you’ll love this series.

What’s going to be covered? A little bit of everything – cleaning, organizing, family, quick tips, short cuts and lots in between.

The theme isn’t necessarily holiday related, but there will be some tips that you can use for holiday planning. Free printables and checklists will abound, and not to worry, cleaning, organizing and preparing for company will be part of the line up as well. I also have some great ideas for cooking ahead and menu planning when things are busy or when you want a hot meal but don’t want to spend the day in the kitchen.

I’m so excited to relax and enjoy the next two months – I hope you’ll join me as I SIMPLIFY THE SEASON the best way I know how, by making things simple! And don’t forget to grab November’s FREE Cleaning Calendar – a cleaning routine is a great way to keep things simple!

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