Want to cook cuter and cook better? Then you’ll have to check out my two newest sponsors:
Plaid Apple is a great Etsy shop – full of handmade items to help keep your family clean and organized. And everything is durable and machine washable. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Isn’t this an adorable Santa apron – wouldn’t this make a great hostess gift for a special Christmas party?

I just love Plaid Apple’s oven mitts and hot pads – great prints!

Need a special gift or something for yourself? Check out Plaid Apple!
Make 5 Dinners in One Hour is the once a week cooking plan that saves you time and money. Here are a couple of her yummy recipes. She has great tips and tricks on her blog too!

Slow Cooked Baked Potato Soup
 Coconut Chicken Strips
Michelle has created a plan to cook all 5 dinners for the week in just ONE hour. All the menu plans have family friendly meals that feed 4-6 people and they are not all casseroles! The meals are fresh, not frozen. They keep in your refrigerator until ready to heat and eat.
You can subscribe Make 5 Dinners in One Hour’s menus! The menus also include a shopping list and tool list to make things even easier.
Each month you will receive 4 weeks of menus so you can cook 5 dinners in ONE hour too! That’s only $15.00 for a 3 month subscription. That is only $1.25 per menu! Want to simplify your menu planning and let Michelle do it for you? Go and check out Make 5 Dinners In One Hour. You can even sign up for a FREE trial menu to see if it works for you.