For me, organization and simplification go together. If I spend the time to organize an area, that organization should simplify my life. Today’s organizational tip is simple and  it can be tailored to work in your home and with your family. Instead of having a stack of things on the steps, I set out to find a container to keep on the steps as an “on your way up basket”.

this basket is what got me thinking


I lined up a variety of baskets and containers on my steps to see what worked
finally, I decided on this magazine basket
I love to make things a little bit cuter, so I made a couple labels to go with the basket – I glued them together and laminated them so anyone that sees the basket knows to either bring it up or down.
Want to make a “on your way up basket” too? Here are three different types of labels for the container you make. Go here to get the printable.