Back in March, I talked about trying this technique I saw over at Martha (you know the one). The weather in my “neck” of the midwest has been less than window-washing cooperative, so I just got around to the outsides of some of my windows. While I was at it, I did the insides again too – just to try out the techinque of course.
I bought this Quickie brand window washer and squeegee from Amazon – after using the washer and squeegee combo, I think that’s the way to go because you can scrub the window a bit before squeegee-ing it off
Window Washer & Squeegee
I put a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent powder in a shallow plastic container, added hot water and set myself up with a large bath towel and rag
Here’s a before – it’s a little hard to see how bad it was – picture fingerprints and dog licks extraordinaire
and after
not a streak in sight – simple process, no drying, just CLEAN windows
My old method of washing windows? Window cleaner (H2) and a window/mirror washing cloth. I thought this was a great method and it’s fine, but this new method is absolutely, perfectly easy, totally foolproof and it worked SO well on the exterior windows, too. The little handle let me reach to get those taller windows that I’d normally need a step ladder to reach. I used a rag to wipe up drips on the window sills from the soapy mixture and a towel on the floor underneath my work surface – you’ll need those. Does everyone wash windows like this and I’m just missing out? Or is this new to you too? Am I a little excited about this new technique, YES! Do you think I’m crazy? Consider the source – and try this method this spring for your windows.