Organize a Bathroom Drawer in Less Than 15 Minutes via Clean Mama

Your challenge this week is to take 10-15 minutes to organize a bathroom drawer. Choose your most disorganized or grossest drawer or a drawer that’s been bugging you. Getting one bathroom drawer organized will help your quest for a little more organization. If you feel really motivated, help tackle one bathroom drawer every day this week.

The easiest way to start this process is to completely empty your drawer. I find that completely clearing and cleaning out any space is the best way to organize it once and for all. If you need some type of drawer organizer to keep your drawer a little neater, plan to purchase that this week as well.

  • Completely empty the drawer.
  • Spray with your favorite all-purpose cleaner and wipe area clean.
  • Toss any items that are just taking up space and have no purpose or don’t get used.
  • Re-locate items that no longer belong in this space.
  • Follow the best rule of organizing – group like items together.
  • Drawer dividers and organizers are your friends – determine the correct size for your drawer and the approximate number of compartments. If you have an organizer that you can re-purpose for this space, by all means you should do that! I LOVE clear acrylic drawer organizers in the bathroom like these – they make organizing and staying organized so easy!
  • Label anything that needs to be labeled so items will be returned to their new home. It may be helpful to use a label maker to label the side or bottom of the compartments of any organizers or on the top of your organizer.
  • Return your items to your bathroom drawer.

Have a great idea for organizing your bathroom drawers? Leave it in the comments!