How to Organize a Homework Station via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing task is a HOMEWORK STATION. (August’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar is here and September’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here). If you have little ones heading back to school or already back, taking a little time this week to think through how and where they’ll do homework will save time through the year and make that potentially stressful time of the day a little easier. Today I’m sharing a few helpful tips that can streamline this time for you and your kids.

First things first, decide what you need to make a homework station work. My kids are in the lower elementary grades, so at this time all we need is a simple homework caddy, a place to put backpacks and lunchboxes (a huge basket in the mudroom does the trick), and clipboards to keep pending permission slips and notes on. If your kids are doing homework on the computer, consider creating a little spot with a computer nearby for completing homework too. Don’t worry if you don’t have a permanent spot for completing homework – my favorite place for homework is the kitchen table. I can be making dinner while they’re working on homework, dinner might take a little longer to get to the table, but this is a great place to monitor the homework for us.

A couple things to keep in mind that I find helpful for organizing a homework station:

  • Anticipate the mess and have a plan to make it work.

    When organizing stuff for my kids I tend to think practical. Yes, it’s fun when a project is super creative and beautiful, but if it will only stay that way for .2 seconds, it’s not worth it. Keep kids’ organization simple, straightforward, and workable for your kids. Who cares what it looks like at first if it isn’t workable for your family. Simple storage is always the best in my opinion.

  • Have project supplies on hand.

    Last minute projects are inevitable. Now that school supplies are on sale, grab a few necessities and stash them in a closet just in case. Poster board,  glue, construction paper are the three project necessities we always keep stocked and on-hand.

  • Make it easy to access.

    If the supplies for homework are stored somewhere, make them easy to take out and put away. Giving kids the independence to get started on homework and put away any supplies will (hopefully) keep the kids in control of homework time.

  • Create a station.
    If you have the space to give, create a desk or devoted area that can stay set up as a homework station. This will allow for the supplies to stay out and at the ready for nightly homework. This is especially helpful for older children that need a quiet workspace every afternoon/evening.

What would you add? What’s your BEST homework station idea?