Organize Your Kitchen Towels via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing task is KITCHEN TOWELS (October’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here and November’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here). Organizing kitchen towels barely seems like an organizing task, but it will take a couple minutes and be a nice little accomplishment for your week. I love simple and easy organizing tasks, don’t you?

  • Assess the situation. What do you need to do to organize your kitchen towels?
  • Take your kitchen towels out of their drawer or storage and relocate any towels or rags that have seen better days – turn them into cleaning cloths, donate, or toss.
  • Group like towels with like towels and do the same with wash cloths and other kitchen-y towel goods.
  • Fold towels – I like to tri-fold my kitchen towels (bathroom too) it keeps them neat and tidy in the drawer and easy to put on a towel bar or over the sink. I shared this tip on Instagram last week – go here to see follow along and see the simple how-to.
  • If keeping your towels in a drawer doesn’t work for you, figure out another method or place for your towels. You can use a basket or other storage near your sink to keep them handy and decorative at the same time.

Simple Organization for Kitchen Towels via Clean Mama

CLEANING TIP: Every night this week wash dishes, load the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, scrub your sink, and place a clean dish towel out. This simple little routine is a great way to start end the day and get ready for the next.

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