Top Organizing Bloggers Kitchen Tour

The Top Organizing Bloggers are doing a kitchen tour today! I’m so excited to be showing you a little glimpse of my kitchen – the kitchen drawers. If you’re new here (welcome!) and I hope you find some simple ideas for organizing your kitchen. (At the bottom of the post you’ll find links to the Top Organizing Bloggers Kitchen Tour that you won’t want to miss!)  Want to know more about me? Go through the tour and then go to my cleaning routine page.

In my opinion, organizing the kitchen drawers are critical to a kitchen running smoothly. Regardless of the size or your kitchen or the number of drawers you have, you can follow these simple steps and ideas and get your drawers tidied up in a hurry.

Top Organizing Bloggers Organized Kitchen Home Tour - Kitchen Drawers via Clean Mama

Why would you want to organize and label your kitchen drawers? It makes finding things a little easier and better yet, it makes things easier to return to their proper spots. When we re-did our kitchen, the contractor did make fun of me a little bit for having everything labeled, but anyone can locate anything in the kitchen and put things away easily.

Labelmaker and Clear Tape for Drawers via Clean Mama

I use this label maker with clear tape and black ink to label each drawer and just place the label on the interior of each drawer.

Organized Kitchen Drawers via Clean Mama

I divided our kitchen up into zones or work spaces and then organized the drawers from there. (You can see how I created zones in the pantry here and zones in the kitchen here.)  And here’s how to organize a kitchen drawer in 15 minutes. I made a list of all the drawers and what went in each drawer – this was really helpful to keep everything together and contained.

Measuring Cups and Spoons via Clean Mama

Going around the kitchen from left to right, here are the drawers in my kitchen:

  • grill
  • paper goods
  • silverware
  • cutting boards
  • dish towels
  • measuring cups and spoons (baking)
  • oven mitts and hot pads and wraps (foil, parchment, etc)
  • pots & pans
  • oversized pans
  • baking pans

Oven Mitts & Pot Holders and Wraps via Clean Mama

I also have six large drawers in the island (work station) – the top two drawers have large silverware organizers and they are labeled:

  • thermometers, scoops, grate & press, cakes, miscellaneous
  • knives, openers, cutters, bottle stoppers, miscellaneous

Labeled Tool Drawer via Clean Mama

Then the pull-out drawers under each one are labeled:

  • food storage
  • baking pans
  • food processing
  • roasting supplies

Food Storage and Baking Pans via Clean Mama


Pots and Pans and Oversized Pans via Clean Mama

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