If you’re dealing with paper clutter and are struggling to come up with a system that works in your home, try the 3 Folder System. This little system won’t solve all your paper problems, but it will definitely help with those paper stacks!

Choose three main topics that are in your existing paper piles and create a folder for each one. We use this system for paper that’s still in process for the family. I use three file folders and each one is labeled as one of these three topics (feel free to use what works for you): Invitations (birthday invites, wedding invites, grad parties, etc), School/Work (field trip forms, school calendars), In Process (anything that’s still in process goes in this folder).

Once you have decided on the topics/titles for your 3 Folder System, it’s time to start sorting. Any paper that falls under one of the three categories you chose, gets housed into the file until you no longer need it.  The key to this system working is that you do filter through the items in the file folders and shred/toss them when you’re done with them.  Looking for sources? They’re at the bottom of the post.

The best part of this system? You can quickly access any items that fall under these often used categories. No guessing or searching, you know where the items are at any given time.

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  • folders: I love a pretty folder – the ones pictured are sold out but these are similar
  • the dishes are vintage – the stoneware one is for my husband’s wallet and lip balm and the green one is for keys
  • desk organizer – I found it at HomeGoods, here’s one that’s similar